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Medical Power Supplies- External
Desktop Power Supply

Power Series Output Input Model Name Safety Standard Product
12W WMM Single AC90~264V WMM12-12SX-A cUL UL certified cUL WMM12-12SX-A
24W MDA Single AC90~264V MDA24-SX-W-II FCC certified CE MTA24-SX-W-II
60W MDL Single AC90~264V MDL60-SX-W cUL UL certified cUL MDL60-SX-W
65W MDL Single AC90~264V MDL65-SX-W5 CEtitle V MDL65-SX-W5
MDL Single AC90~264V MDL65-SX-W6 New title VIcUL RoHS MDL65-SX-W6
MDL Single AC90~264V MDL65-W6 New title VIcUL RoHS MDL65-W6
100W MDD Single AC90~264V MDD100-SX-W RoHS MDD100-SX-W
140W MTE Single AC90~264V MTE140-F-W6 New CE title VIcUL RoHS MTE140-F-W6
200W MTE Single AC90~264V MTE200-F-W-C2 CE MTE200-F-W-C2
250W MTE Single AC90~264V MTE250-F-W-C2 CE energy star logo MTE250-F-W-C2 Series
MTESingle 90-264 VAC MTE250-W-C2 Series ul.gif (177 bytes) CE RoHS FCC certified title V MTE250-W-C2 Series
Single 90-264VAC DTMF250-SX-F-W6 CE
Energy IconTitle VIRoHS FCC
Medical Power Supplies-Open Frame
Power Series Output Input Model Name Safety Standard Product
65W ZMB Single AC90-264V ZMB65-SX-W5
CE iconCB safetyul.gif (177 bytes)title V ZWB65-SX-W5
100W New
Single AC90~264V
(Automatic Switching)
ZMD100-SX-F-W   ZWE200-SX-F-W
200W ZME Single AC90~264V
(Automatic Switching)
ZME200-SX-F-W RU icon CERoHS cru ZWE200-SX-F-W
250W ZME Single AC90 - 264V
(Refer to derating curve).
ZME250-SX-F-W CERoHS cru ZWE250-SX-F-W
400W ZMP Single AC90~264V ZMP400-SX-F-W RoHS CE cruRoHScUL ZMP400-SX-F-W
500W ZMP Single AC90~264V ZMP500-SX-F-W-D RoHS CE ZMP500-SX-F-W-D

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